Green Community

Ventures Green is working with companies on various options to build sustainable communities. All of the options below are more affordable than traditional building techniques and a lot more environmentally friendly. We can add green energy like solar, biogas, wind, hydro kinetic and geothermal to any of the options below to make it more sustainable or off-grid. Surround the housing units with a food forest and you have the most sustainable eco community in the world!

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Modular Monolithic Cubic Technology

PBS Provides a modular cube that combines the strength and energy efficiency of concrete with the structural integrity of steel. Tested in the construction industry all around the world. Go to the Purpose Built Systems website to find out more.

Community Development

Local Employment

Scalable Production

Durability Against the Elements

As a pilot community we have designed a 20 person community using a strong and waterproof Sprung instant structure. Watch this promotional funding video that takes you on a tour of a Sprung greenhouse and explains the vision for the eco community. Contact us if you are working on or interested in an eco community in your area, including Agrihoods, Co-housing, Intentional community or eco-village.

We are designing green multi-family complexes that could be used as a community, school, house, office, hotel or resort and replicated to build a 100,000 person city. Click on this presentation link for more.

Eco Cabin - Phase 1

Eco Cabin - A-Frame and

Unit Layout View

100% Renewable Energy