Green Food

See the Permaculture Infographic to the left that shows a Food Forest concept that can grow more food per square foot than any mono culture crop (no lawn required!). We are permies and we are supporting local farmers. We are also working on a plan to provide Waste-free Affordable Meal in Calgary so let us know if you are interested in this.

See details of our Regenerative Community plan on our Community page and watch a short video here explaining Regenerative Agriculture.

Ventures Green proposed on a Calgary Urban Land project in 2018 to develop a sustainable urban farm on a 4 acre parcel of City land. See the picture to the right for the proposed site plan that could be used on any 4 acre plot of land.

This site didn't allow growing in the ground so we planned the yellow garden rows with soil on top of plastic and a unique underground irrigation water storage system. The brown area would be potato barrels and the blue is a solar PV array which could also be mounted to the top of the greenhouse. The green fence is all natural with food producing shrubs and trees, the purple area is for bees, the black area is for compost and soil regeneration projects.

We are actively looking for 1 to 10 acres of land for this type of project or even a community project where people would live in a community building with surrounding regenerative farms lands. See more on the Green Community page.

We are working with a 4,200 square foot greenhouse near Calgary, Canada to develop an affordable quick assembly commercial greenhouse including vertical grow systems and aquaponics. We have developed an economic modelling tool to help decide what grow system and plants would work best. Contact us if you would like us to help you with your greenhouse vision.

The following link is a good article explaining the chemicals found on imported foods. This along with the emissions from the 2,500 km trip make it ridiculous to import berries, fruits and vegetables that we can grow locally. Select this link for an article on 10 Reasons to eat local food and watch this 2 minute video on the life of a strawberry.

We have also designed and built a low cost passive solar greenhouse that will be used for growing vegetables and fish (aquaponics). Here are some pictures of the newly built passive solar greenhouse. Contact us if you are considering a backyard passive solar greenhouse.