Natural Farming

Ventures Green is using permaculture principles and Natural Farming methods to build soil and provide local food to Vancouver Island.  

Natural Farming:

Popularly known as “do nothing” farming, natural farming (自然農法 / shizen nōhō, in Japanese) is an environmentally regenerative way of growing food in an equitable relationship between farmer and nature (  Some Natural Farming techniques include: No-Till; Bugs and weeds are not enemies; No need for external inputs of any kind; Let nature decide what grows.  For more on this concept go to this website: 

Regenerative Agriculture and Local Food:

We are trying to limit our resource consumption as much as possible.  We used reclaimed pallets that lumber stores were throwing out to build our storage and farm station. See details of various Regenerative Farming Community plans on our Green Community page and watch a short video here explaining Regenerative Agriculture.  Here is a great 8 minute video highlighting the benefits of local food (video).  

Meal Solutions for the Victoria, BC area:

We plan to provide healthy, waste-free, affordable meals to the Victoria, BC area.  We will use our naturally farmed local vegetables and we will work with other local food providers to provide affordable meals.  The meals will be comfort meals like pasta, rice, potato or bread meals and unlike many restaurant meals, vegetables will be included with all meals to make it complete.  

This is a unique business model to reduce waste/recycling from restaurant meals and save our customers money.  These meals will be less than half of the price of a typical restaurant meal ($6.99 per meal (veg) or $7.99 per meal (with meat)).  The meals will be packed in reusable plastic containers and delivered in reusable bags.  We can provide these meals at this low-cost due to our efficient business model that will deliver multiple meals per order to specific communities in an electric vehicle.  We will offer free delivery on orders of $40 or more and free reusable container pickup.  We ask that our customers rinse their containers after use and place them in the reusable bags for pickup.  We will charge a refundable $1 fee per container so that each container can be cleaned and used many times. 

We worked with Island Health on a safe food handling and cleaning process for these reusable containers.  We will start by offering service in the Greater Victoria area but we are just gathering interest for this at this time.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey form at the link below to receive 30% off of your first order or email us at if you have comments or questions.

Waste-free affordable meal survey form: