Floating Solar Project

Floating Solar PV Project

Have you heard of Floating Solar before? A World Bank report in October 2018 "revealed that there is currently 1.1 gigawatt (GW) worth of floating solar around the globe and that the market could potentially support up to 400 GW". Places like China, Japan, Australia, Europe and the US are leading the way on this. We are hoping to be the first company to bring this type of solar PV solution to Canada!


Deploy floating solar PV technology on a tailings pond in Northern Alberta where oil companies are looking for opportunities to reduce operational carbon footprints. The solar modules sit on plastic floats slightly tilted to the south to capture the sunlight all day and convert it into electricity that can be used or sold to the power grid.

More About Floating Solar PV Systems:

There are no moving parts in this system and the solar modules are guaranteed to be making at least 80% of the original power after 25 years. These systems last 30 to 40 years and require very little maintenance.

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Hydrokinetic Energy:

The 2013 floods in Alberta exemplified the power of moving water and how that power can be exploited. We are also considering hydrokinetic or other renewable energy opportunities on this project. The hydrokinetic industry is still in an early stage of commercial development and our group is well positioned to bring innovative and practical solutions to residential, commercial and industrial clients.